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“Wow sooo good! The track sounds great! Thank you soo much for being so prompt and amazing to work with.”

“This is amazing! I love it!!!😍” David and his team were so great to work with. From the start they took the time to understand me, my work and direction. They reached out to me several times throughout the process as it was in production to get my input and ensure it was in line with what I wanted. I am blown away by the final product. They are extremely reasonable and their turnaround time is quick. Thank you.”

Moho ProductionsMusic Publishing Director

“David is a brilliant producer that is in touch with what is currently happening in music and is always three steps ahead of the game! He is a pleasure to work with. I love the first song we did together and can’t wait to work on the next one. Highly recommend him”

“I had a fantastic experience working with Boost Records. David, the producer I worked with, got the song instantly. He captivated my objectives and converted those into a polished and innovative creation. Very good communicator, extremely reliable, and meets the timelines very well. Fantastic at what he does. Overall awesome experience! Highly recommend Boost Records for any music production project!!”

“I want to thank Dan and David for the great work that was done to my song called People Say! Also I want to thank everybody at Boost Records who played a part in the song! Thanks for turning my song into a world class hit record!”

“Working with Boost Records I can say that was an awesome decision I made. Very professional and efficient, I would therefore recommend them to anyone looking for professionalism and efficiency.”



Boost Records, LLC is a production and artist development company with a presence in the US, Europe & SE Asia. Boost Records currently has a team of 35 professionals in various fields such as web development, graphic design, talent scouting, customer support, market research, marketing, production and engineering. Boost Records was the official organizer for International Rap Awards 2018, Asia Music Video Awards 2018 and International Rock Awards 2018 in partnership with ChannelFix, as well as a production partner for Fashion TV Hong Kong. Boost Records head producer David Sivano has produced for Warner Music, toured in Japan, played with band members of Michael Jackson, Prince, Lady Gaga, been in the jury of the Swedish Royal Music Academy together with ABBA members, officially endorsed by Manne Guitars Italy beside Glenn Hughes from Deep Purple, test pilot for TC Electronics bass amp, worked as a session musician for various record labels in Europe as well as having his productions heard by millions of people.


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CUSTOM PRODUCING = $1,000/song

A tailored production to you as an artist, in any style or genre. Includes mixing & mastering and you’ll own all copyrights. A must have service for the truly serious artist. This can completely transform your sound and vocals from good/great to billboard charting standard. All productions on this samples page were custom productions.

FULL MIXING = $300/song

For songs where the instrumental is tracked out / has stems. World class vocal producing / editing / mixing included. Mastering included.

VOCAL MIXING = $200/song

World class vocal producing / editing / mixing for songs where the beat is a single stereo file (the beat has been mixed already or you simply don’t have access to the stems). Mastering included.

MASTERING = $70/song

We only accept mastering jobs if your song has been properly mixed and you have a .wav file of the mix. The exported / bounced out mix should not exceed -6dB in volume on the master channel, and there should be no plugins / effects on the master channel whatsoever.


 BEATS (TIER 1) = $100/beat

Non-exclusive license with an unlimited commercial license (sell and stream as much as you want). License is valid for 5 years and can be renewed at the same rate thereafter. The beat format is a stereo .Wav file, professionally mixed and mastered. You keep 50% of the royalties.

BEATS (TIER 2) = $200/beat

Same as tier one, but with stems.

BEATS (TIER 3) = $500/beat

Exclusive license with an unlimited commercial license (sell and stream as much as you want). When this license is purchased, no other artist will be able to purchase a license for the beat anymore. License is valid for in perpetuity and you keep 100% of royalties. The beat format is a stereo .Wav file, professionally mixed and mastered with stems and tracked out.


Get unbiased constructive, in depth feedback on your song with actionable notes so you know what to improve on to take your song to radio standard.