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PushMyMusic.com is a brand and membership service of Boost Records, LLC.

Boost Records is a premium music production and marketing company based in Georgia, USA, and Hong Kong.

The company was founded in 2016 by Swedish music producer and marketing guru David Sivano, after seeing a need for musicians and artists to be able to get a release-ready production out of a simple musical idea or rough demo.


David has been part of hundreds of productions that reached millions of people; played at some of the world’s biggest music festivals; toured from Europe to Japan, playing with musicians of Michael Jackson, Prince, and Lady Gaga; endorsed by Manne Guitars Italy; test piloted for TC Electronics Denmark along with their endorsers Steve Vai and Randy Jackson from Journey; and got selected as jury member for the Swedish Royal Music Institute together with Janne Schaffer from ABBA.

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PushMyMusic Team,
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