By invitation only.


🔥 1 New Beat EVERY DAY

We make the beats daily, and you’ll be the first to hear and use them! We don’t publish these publicly, STRICTLY ONLY members can hear and use them! You get STEMS and non-exclusive unlimited commercial licenses. Keep 100% of the profits. We also offer exclusive rights on a first-come first-serve basis.

🔥 Guaranteed Fan Growth

Grow your      email list and more – using organic long term methods via invaluable step-by-step tutorials and tools that we provide. We also set up monthly targets and challenges for our strategies that you implement, and we give away a monthly exclusive beat to the best performing artist.

🔥 Unlimited Distribution

Release as many songs as you want, any time! Kep 100% of all royalty payouts. You’ll get your music out to these platforms and more:

🔥 Music Industry Contacts

Get our database with 16,000 contacts. We otherwise sell this for $850! You get DIRECT emails and phone nrs to DECISION MAKERS. For example, let’s say you want to get signed to Strange Music or Universal. Or maybe you want to get your song featured in a film or video game.

Navigate through the images to see a fraction of the companies you could be talking to directly. Click on them to enlarge.

Normally, your options would be to submit ONE song via a platform such as Reverbnation or MusicXray where they charge a fee per submission, or email Universal for example on demo@umusic.com.

Either way, thousands of others submit every day. It just doesn’t work. Or you could wait for someone to find you, to pick you out of millions of others and contact you.

Let’s not go into odds…

So what you’ll do instead, is to simply email head of A&R (talent scout) directly to first.middle.last@umusic.com or first.middle.last@netflix.com

This is how top managers and publishers do it. This is the secret. You don’t need a “personal connection” to someone powerful in real life. That’s a myth. Music & broadcasting industry professionals are…professionals. They use email and reach out to other professionals all the time in the exact same way. They don’t have time or resources to fly across the world every day. They use email and phone, like every other business.

So unless you get a million followers overnight, which we hope you do, your only and best option is to take charge and start making your own connections using this database – just like the top managers already do.

We’ll teach you how to reach out in a pro way, and we’ll provide you with the email sending tools you need to be effective and efficient. You’ll be able to see who read your emails and who listen to your songs.

Plus, since you’ll be owning this database, you can pitch as many projects as you want, anytime, with unlimited follow-ups. Keep the relationships for life and keep 100% of all earnings for yourself!

No excuses, go get ’em! 

🔥 Production Privileges

You’ll get one song mastered/month by a pro engineer, plus 50% discount on our world-class producing, mixing & mastering services.

🔥 Website & Branding

Complete custom website development and design service worth $1,200 (not DIY) to make you look amazing, with a full-fledged ecommerce store where you can sell music & merchandise – you keep 100% of all sales. Website maintainance is included as long as you’re in the program. Below are two examples of our designs.

🔥 Music Career Mentor
    • Song critique. Get constructive criticism on your songs from one of our in-house record producers, on-demand – anytime you want. No extra fees. You’ll get specific notes on what and HOW to improve on songwriting, composition, arrangement, production, sound design, recording, mixing and mastering.
    • On-demand tailored advice. Not sure what equipment you should get for your home studio? Ask. Stuck on stomething in your DAW and want to learn a new technique? Ask. Want to know proper mic-technique to get the best sound? Ask. Not sure how to promote your new single? Ask…

    • Courses and exclusive newsletter. You’ll get access to educational material, tips, hacks and free courses about production, music marketing and treating your music as a business (this is the biggest thing holding artists back by far).


    • Personal video call. Every quarter, you and your mentor will do a video call to assess your progress (a kick in the butt if you will) and discuss future plans.

    How much does it cost?

    PushMyMusic artists gets the privilege to only pay $50/month (billed annually) to get roughly $5,200 worth of services every month, which means the program fee is less than 1% of what one would need to pay to get the same quantity and quality of services elsewhere.

    How to get in?

    It’s currently not possible to apply. This program is by referral or invitation only.

    But you can subscribe to our newsletter at the bottom of this page to get notified if/when we decide to accept submissions.

    How does PushMyMusic sustain?

    As one can quickly calculate, the PushMyMusic program operates at a loss since we are giving away way more than we charge for it, and we don’t take a % on anything from the features in the program. The way we make money is from our outstanding for-hire production services like custom producing, exclusive beats, mixing and mastering. This program raises a lot of awareness about those services and the quality of our work both for artists who are enrolled into the program as well as for artists who are not.

    Our reputation?

    Boost Records, LLC is a trusted company registered with Better Busines Bureau, all 5 star reviews, no complaints. Artists acctepted into our program will be working with our head producer, mentor and engineer David Sivano from Sweden who has been a judge in the Swedish Royal Music Academy with members from famous Swedish group ABBA (Mamma Mia), sole judge for ChannelFix’s International Rap Awards, International Rock Awards & Asia Music Video Awards, endorsed by music equipment brands such as Manne Guitars Italy and TC Electronic Denmark, played with Michael Jackson and Prince band members while on tour in Japan and worked with many artists as a session musician, producer and engineer. His work has been heard by over 10 Million people.